This Is Your Life – 365 Days

# 11 This is your life
If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.
I would definitely choose not to do so. Mostly because of the spoiler. And if I knew all of it, I don’t think everything could happen exactly as it was written. What do you think?

Teacher’s Pet – 365 Days

#8 Teacherā€™s pet
Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?
There was this Portuguese teacher that I had when I was in elementary school. Twice a month, she did writing and reading classes with us, which gave me a huge new perspective about what I was reading, about how I interpreted, and especially, about how I write. We used to talk about our feelings, too, it was like a therapy.
I really cherish those memories.
It made me love writing and reading even more.


You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.

It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive, or who had ever been alive.

– James Baldwin