Painful Decluttering Process

One of the things which amaze me most about us humans is our ability to accumulate stuff. I’ve been trying to become (and stay) clutter-free for what it feels like a century now, And it looks like every time I try to get rid of stuff I end up with more. The journey to minimalism seems longer every time I try.

It’s overwhelming.

Today I decided to face my wardrobe. I usually do some sort of decluttering twice a year, and it hasn’t been enough. I usually forget the “oh, but this is brand new“, “but it looks so good on me“, “this was pricey“, items that I never wear. I’m not a super-consumer nor the kind of person who thinks that clothes are disposable items, what makes taking things that I barely used out of my wardrobe very hard for me, because I can see the waste of money right there.
But even when something is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

The final count of things that I’m letting go of:

– One huge 9-year-old purple sweater;

– One purple leopard (can you imagine?) sweater dress (who’s still wearing those?);

-One black & white sweater;

-One summer dress;

-One grey blouse;

-One navy dressy tank top;

-One black cocktail dress (LBD people, I’m not one of you);

-One button-up shirt that It’s too large šŸ˜¦

-One purple minnie mouse(?) 3/4 blouse;

-One green summer blouse;

-One fedora hat;


-Some old purple(I was into this color, for God’s sake) high heels.

-Golden ballet flats(I didn’tĀ  even remember having those).


13 things! It feels good. (I have to confess that I wasn’t strong enough to let go of one brand new super cute pencil skirt. Please forgive me, I’m human!)

Do you struggle to declutter as well?

Please share your experiences and thoughts on this matter on the comments. Happily, good insights are not clutter!

Have an amazing week, guys!





The Journey (AKA Struggle) to Find Life Purpose


Knowing what we want for life is something human race struggle with. What do you want to study? What kind of person do you want to marry? Do you even want to marry? Do you want to have kids? What is your religion? What car do you want to buy? A house or an apartment? Mac or PC?

It may sound simple, and for some people, it really is.

But some of us have a hard time doing it.

Every year I fail at my goals. But every year I reflect about it and keep on trying to find a new approach or method that can make me more successful on that matter. But as I was making my list of goals for 2016, I asked myself if any of those things would made me feel proud and good about myself ten years later. And the answer was: very few of them.

Aside from reading X books and donating blood, nothing would have a great impact in the world, or even my life in the long term.

Then, the million dollar question comes to mind:

What do I want from life?

It really may be the million dollar question. I don’t know. You don’t know. You may be saconds away from having the greatest new idea, and making a business out of it.

I really want to do something meaningful, for me and for the world. But how do I start. Am I too old to be thinking about changing people’s lives with ideas? Am I too old to start all over again? Am I too snobbish for thinking that my life has a bigger purpose, even when I don’t know what it is?

What now? What if I never find it? Oh, I will. It’s gonna take some time and a lot of reflection and evaluation. But I surely will find it.

Have you found yours yet? If so, please share with us. If you, as I am, is just taking your first steps into the unknown, please share as well. I would LOVE to hear your insights.


The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.

No apologies or excuses.

No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.

The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.

This is the day your life really begins.

-Bob Moawad


Even when everything seems to fall apart, it’s up to me to decide between laughing or crying, leave or stay, give up or fight; because I realized, in the uncertain journey of life, the most important thing is to decide.

-Cora Coralina