9 Perspective-Changing Documentary Films

What I love about documentary films is how they are able to change our perspective in issues that sometimes we don’t even know exists. They are capable to show us life seen through the eyes of the filmmaker. No rehearsed scripts. In this list I have the nine  that most had an impact on my vision of the world. Enjoy.

  1. Religulous

Produced by the host of HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher, Religulous is a documentary that asks questions about almost every religion, people that follow it and the ones that stopped doing so. Funny in a non-offensive way. A great film, for whatever belief you have (or don’t have).

2. 9/11 by the Naudet Brothers

It may be the best one on this list. What it was supposed to be a documentary about the journey of one man to become a firefighter in Manhattan ends up being a documentary about the first responders on 9/11.

3. Forks over Knives

The best film for someone who’s looking for an “animal cruelty free” justification for veganism. They approach the best reasons why your health should only improve by eating  a plant-based diet.

4. White People

This one is very recent, and talks about one of the biggest controversies of our time: White Privilege. And guess who is talking about it? White people.

5. The Business of Being Born

A movie about one of the most beautiful things in the world: children being born. And also about the fact that sometimes women are denied the right to experience the birth due to special interests of the hospital, the doctors, or even society.

6. Mad as Hell

Documents the tumultuous, at times hilarious and altogether astonishing trajectory of Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks’ main host and founder, as he traverses from unknown Public Access TV host to internet sensation by way of YouTube.

7. The Light Bulb Conspiracy

The reality of how we are led to consume more and more everyday (even without noticing).

8. Sugar vs Fat

Sugar or fat, which is worse? That’s the question in the BBC documentary “Sugar vs. Fat”. Two identical twin brothers – both of them doctors – go on a diet for a month. One on an extreme low fat diet, one on an extreme low carb diet (not even vegetables are allowed!).

9. Way Beyond Weight

This nutritional documentary puts Brazil’s obesity epidemic into a global perspective as a result of deepening globalization. Even more when it comes to child obesity.


If you liked,  agree, disagree, please share with us in the comments below. Tell  us about a documentary or even a movie that changed your perspective over something.

Have an amazing day!




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