My favorite – 365 Days

#6 My favorite
What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.
Wow, this challenge really assumes that I have a lot of favorites!
But, for everyone, indeed, there are some people that you just can’t stand being apart. Those people we always miss the most, even if it’s just one day that you spend away from him/her.
My significant other and I always have difficulties spending time away from each other. I guess the most time we ever spend apart was one month or so. Everytime it gets harder and harder. I miss him so much. It’s very strange, because the  fact that I need him amazes me and at the same time scares me. It amazes me because years ago I could never imagine feel this way about someone, and scares me because it makes you so dependent on the fact that this person wants to be with you(if he changes his mind, I’ll be in a very bad place).
Can anyone relate to that feeling?

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