People come and go.

You stay.

Take care of yourself.






Painful Decluttering Process

One of the things which amaze me most about us humans is our ability to accumulate stuff. I’ve been trying to become (and stay) clutter-free for what it feels like a century now, And it looks like every time I try to get rid of stuff I end up with more. The journey to minimalism seems longer every time I try.

It’s overwhelming.

Today I decided to face my wardrobe. I usually do some sort of decluttering twice a year, and it hasn’t been enough. I usually forget the “oh, but this is brand new“, “but it looks so good on me“, “this was pricey“, items that I never wear. I’m not a super-consumer nor the kind of person who thinks that clothes are disposable items, what makes taking things that I barely used out of my wardrobe very hard for me, because I can see the waste of money right there.
But even when something is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

The final count of things that I’m letting go of:

– One huge 9-year-old purple sweater;

– One purple leopard (can you imagine?) sweater dress (who’s still wearing those?);

-One black & white sweater;

-One summer dress;

-One grey blouse;

-One navy dressy tank top;

-One black cocktail dress (LBD people, I’m not one of you);

-One button-up shirt that It’s too large 😦

-One purple minnie mouse(?) 3/4 blouse;

-One green summer blouse;

-One fedora hat;


-Some old purple(I was into this color, for God’s sake) high heels.

-Golden ballet flats(I didn’t  even remember having those).


13 things! It feels good. (I have to confess that I wasn’t strong enough to let go of one brand new super cute pencil skirt. Please forgive me, I’m human!)

Do you struggle to declutter as well?

Please share your experiences and thoughts on this matter on the comments. Happily, good insights are not clutter!

Have an amazing week, guys!




9 Perspective-Changing Documentary Films

What I love about documentary films is how they are able to change our perspective in issues that sometimes we don’t even know exists. They are capable to show us life seen through the eyes of the filmmaker. No rehearsed scripts. In this list I have the nine  that most had an impact on my vision of the world. Enjoy.

  1. Religulous

Produced by the host of HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher, Religulous is a documentary that asks questions about almost every religion, people that follow it and the ones that stopped doing so. Funny in a non-offensive way. A great film, for whatever belief you have (or don’t have).

2. 9/11 by the Naudet Brothers

It may be the best one on this list. What it was supposed to be a documentary about the journey of one man to become a firefighter in Manhattan ends up being a documentary about the first responders on 9/11.

3. Forks over Knives

The best film for someone who’s looking for an “animal cruelty free” justification for veganism. They approach the best reasons why your health should only improve by eating  a plant-based diet.

4. White People

This one is very recent, and talks about one of the biggest controversies of our time: White Privilege. And guess who is talking about it? White people.

5. The Business of Being Born

A movie about one of the most beautiful things in the world: children being born. And also about the fact that sometimes women are denied the right to experience the birth due to special interests of the hospital, the doctors, or even society.

6. Mad as Hell

Documents the tumultuous, at times hilarious and altogether astonishing trajectory of Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks’ main host and founder, as he traverses from unknown Public Access TV host to internet sensation by way of YouTube.

7. The Light Bulb Conspiracy

The reality of how we are led to consume more and more everyday (even without noticing).

8. Sugar vs Fat

Sugar or fat, which is worse? That’s the question in the BBC documentary “Sugar vs. Fat”. Two identical twin brothers – both of them doctors – go on a diet for a month. One on an extreme low fat diet, one on an extreme low carb diet (not even vegetables are allowed!).

9. Way Beyond Weight

This nutritional documentary puts Brazil’s obesity epidemic into a global perspective as a result of deepening globalization. Even more when it comes to child obesity.


If you liked,  agree, disagree, please share with us in the comments below. Tell  us about a documentary or even a movie that changed your perspective over something.

Have an amazing day!



The Journey (AKA Struggle) to Find Life Purpose


Knowing what we want for life is something human race struggle with. What do you want to study? What kind of person do you want to marry? Do you even want to marry? Do you want to have kids? What is your religion? What car do you want to buy? A house or an apartment? Mac or PC?

It may sound simple, and for some people, it really is.

But some of us have a hard time doing it.

Every year I fail at my goals. But every year I reflect about it and keep on trying to find a new approach or method that can make me more successful on that matter. But as I was making my list of goals for 2016, I asked myself if any of those things would made me feel proud and good about myself ten years later. And the answer was: very few of them.

Aside from reading X books and donating blood, nothing would have a great impact in the world, or even my life in the long term.

Then, the million dollar question comes to mind:

What do I want from life?

It really may be the million dollar question. I don’t know. You don’t know. You may be saconds away from having the greatest new idea, and making a business out of it.

I really want to do something meaningful, for me and for the world. But how do I start. Am I too old to be thinking about changing people’s lives with ideas? Am I too old to start all over again? Am I too snobbish for thinking that my life has a bigger purpose, even when I don’t know what it is?

What now? What if I never find it? Oh, I will. It’s gonna take some time and a lot of reflection and evaluation. But I surely will find it.

Have you found yours yet? If so, please share with us. If you, as I am, is just taking your first steps into the unknown, please share as well. I would LOVE to hear your insights.

24 things i’ve learnt in 24 years


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while… I wanted to share my thoughts on life after living 24 years of it! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday I was riding my bike in my white jumper and red socks! I must’ve learnt something since then, right? So here’s the list:

1. Doing what pleases me: if can not harm anyone, and would make you feel good, what excuse can we have for not doing what we like? Fear?

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

2. To stop trying to prove myself – even if it is for me: I think that one has been my biggest weakness, I am always trying to challenge myself into reaching stupid patterns, especially when it comes to career. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is the same. Convincing me that I have to reach some level to be accepted by my family (and society) was the stupidest thing I have ever done.

3. I must learn what I love: No matter how unrelated is to your current reality, try to learn that new language that fascinates you, or that lovely dance style, to sing, to paint, to draw, to derive an equation(if you like math), or even the Relativity Theory (great book, btw). The point is: whatever you wish you knew, you can learn, and for sure it will enrich your life.

4. Forgiveness is a must: When it comes to people in our lives, at some point they are going to screw up(ourselves included). So, if you can’t forgive, your life with them is going to be hell, or you’ll have to say goodbye to those relationships.  Besides, forgiving will give you more comfort than will give them, trust me on this.

5. Less is so much more: When you realize how much stuff you have, and hw it ends up consuming your time, and your sanity, you realize there is no point spending money or time in things that really don’t belong in your life. I’m far from being called a minimalist, but I’m on the journey, and, maybe someday…

6. You can’t do everything alone.

7. It’s okay to change your mind: I’ve done it like five times today.

8. My health is my greatest asset: and not just the physical side, being mentally healthy is so important. The last couple of years I watched my grandmother going through dementia, and  it was the saddest thing. Trying to be as healthy as possible.

9. Thinking positive and praying for something work: Look, I am not a religious person, but throughout my life I have moments when doing this works so much. Do I believe that God or whatever higher being exists? I have no idea because I have no proof.

10. As long as you are in peace with your conscience, nobody’s opinion really matters: That’s gotta be the most difficult to live by. But it’s so true. Worrying about what other people think is the worst thing.

“Don’t let people live inside your head without paying rent!”

11. We can’t let challenges keep us from loving: Love is not easy, but there’s nothing better. And you are going to face challenges with everyone you love, but never stop loving because is hard. It’s hard to love humanity, I know, but we must keep on trying.

12. Don’t ever compare: while you are trying “keeping up with the Joneses”, you are not keeping up with yourself, your goals, your values and your feelings.

13. Every single person is special.

14. Discovering what you want professionally is really, really hard: I still couldn’t do it!

15. The best way to love someone is spending time with them.

16. Share your thoughts and opinions – people can’t read your mind!

17. Warm colors are not for me.

18. Being physically tired is the best recipe for a good night of sleep.

19. You can’t go anywhere without a purpose.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

20. Teaching is the best way to learn something.

21.Being skinny  won’t make you love yourself more: You can’t help have some doubt on this one, especially in my case (I lost 30 pounds, two years ago). But it is true. I still have days when I’m find myself thinking “I’m fat”. But throughout my heath journey (not weight loss), I started to feed my body with less junk, and my self-respect improved. It did because I was doing this for myself.

22.If you do nothing about it, your circunstances will define you.

23. Life is short. Don’t let memories be short as well: Tell people you love them, every time, always say goodbye with a hug, talk with them, and be sure to remember every second, so you can smile when remember how much time you spend together, and not cry with regret for being all that time on social media while being in the same room with them.

24. Keeping your motivation up is key: Find somethings (a song, a book,  a podcast, a radio show, a tv show, a blog ) and read it/listen to it /watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY, as long as it keeps you fired up.